YF international - Company Profile

YF International bv is an international company active in processing mainly technical fibers. YF International bv was established in 1998. The Managing Director of YF International bv is Klaas Hauwert who has many years of worldwide sales and marketing experience with engineering plastics and technical fibers.

Now in 2011 YF-International has grown into an international company with customers worldwide.

YF International bv started with the recycling of carbon fiber into milled carbon fiber and has since then grown into a business in which we recycle ALL technical fibers and fabric by-products.

YF International bv is a worldwide company, but our focus is especially: North America, Europe, Far East, Asia, South Africa and Australia.
YF International bv is active in recycling mainly technical fibers like carbon, Oxidized PAN Fibers para- and meta-aramid, glassfibers, nylon, polyester etc. We get or buy these type of fibers (selvedges, offspec fibers/fabrics, odd fabric sizes, fabric cuttings, leftovers, dipped fabrics, out of date fibers/fabrics etc etc) and have developed applications for this.

Products we produce:

  • Peek granules
  • Carbon fiber milled
  • Meta-aramid staple fiber


Products offered by our partner Polyvel:

  • Para-aramid pulp and staplefiber
You can contact Polyvel thru the following link.

Competitive pricing.

We have developed together with our customers sustainable and high added value applications. Therefore we are able to pay competitive prices.

One stop service.

As we have developed a wide number of applications for technical fiber byproducts,offspec ,leftovers etc we can offer you one stop service. Please contact us for more information.


We are a financially conservative company which means we pay our invoices immediately.

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